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BBC Top Gear’s Clarkson praise for the Toyota GT86

The new Toyota GT86 won Top Gear magazine Car of the Year; now that’s a fair accolade to put on the shelf at a time of some truly outstanding  GTs and a premier BBC motoring presenter is simply full of praise.


“…. I like the GT86 so much. Because it’s come barrelling into the bottom end of the marketplace with a big, dirty smile on its face and a suggestion in the way it stands that it would like to have fun with your middle parts. It’s a car designed for one thing: fun.”


“ …The GT86 is a lovely car to drive. The steering is without fault, the ride is sporty without being stupid, the handling is epic and there is enough oomph to ensure you aren’t last away from the lights.”

Jeremy Clarkson


Toyota GT86


It has a 200hp, 2 litre boxer engine (meaning the pistons lye on their side for a lower centre of gravity), rear wheel drive with limited slip differential, 17″ alloy wheels and a dual exhaust with chrome tailpipes.


To find out more about the GT86 or to arrange a test drive. Simply call Burrows Toyota on 0844 822 5463.




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